Congratulations to one of our own – MYVEGAS announced Kim Vaughn Martin as one of the Top 100 Most Influential Women

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PROVE Managing Director Kim Vaughn Martin, Interview for MyVegas Magazine

GAME CHANGER | By: Sarah Moninger | MyVegas Magazine | December 2019 | myvegasmag.com

Your entire life can change in a year. No stranger to that fact, Kim Vaughn Martin, knows that she is a determined woman. Everything in life, she has dealt with on her own, growing from things meant to break her. Kim was born in Danag, Vietnam, where her father was stationed at the time. She is Vietnamese, Chinese, and Russian. Her father always taught her to never give up, and she will never settle for less than she deserves. As a businesswoman today, she has learned throughout the years of service she’d given this community that she is unbreakable. But more so, a ‘Game Changer.’

Her experience with businesses across the valley has greatly helped her to grow and become the entrepreneur she is today. Being involved in entertainment, marketing, medical, and even more has helped her become a well-rounded leader in her field. While she has earned her stripes, she has always considered herself as a businesswoman and an innovator. Ambitious, but not conceited or greedy, Kim dreams big but doesn’t rush to success. Carefully and meticulously planning each move, one step at a time. It doesn’t matter if she is ahead of others or not, but rather it is important to be a person of value. Someone that may offer something to a business, person, etc.

Although wrangling the business world is her M.O., her first and foremost job position is being a mother to her 12-year-old son. Kim describes, “My inspiration, motivation, awakening, elevation, etc., has always been my son Vaughn. He keeps me going. He makes me strong. After this young man was born, I WAS REBORN. My hero and son, the greatest gift any mother could hope for. What matters most is that I made a difference in the life of my child and that they remember a mother that raised them right and LOVED them unconditionally.”

Ready to make a difference in her community, Kim was the Founder and Executive Director of Clark County Foster Care, being an active advocate for abused and neglected youth. While working with Clark County, she worked closely with the Department of Juvenile Justice and Department of Family Services. From then, she formed a non-profit 501(c)(3), Dao Group, and created all her own bylaws and wrote grants to support this cause. The mission statement for this company was to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect by helping troubled youth make lifelong changes in a safe, controlled and loving environment, while encouraging successful reintegration into their families and communities. With 2 other organizations came the creation of the Independent Living Program for youth in Clark County.

Her ambitious spirit led her in many directions, and each experience taught her many lessons. A natural go-getter, Kim sold about $800,000 in bottles within 4 months when she was a VIP Host in the entertainment industry. She describes it as the scariest job she’s had but taught her to be immune to rejection. She then ventured into the medical field, assisting doctors in the community with securing medical supplies. As a medical sales representative at Saura Medical Device Distributorship, she provided devices such as Orthopedic Surgical Devices for Upper/ Lower Extremity, Amniotic Membrane Products for Surgical Applications, Spine Hardware, Advanced Bone Grafts, PRP and regenerative solutions for clients. Kim expresses, “I was dedicated to helping doctors in the community with patients’ needs. I even took it upon myself to take an online course to learn medical terminology,” dedicated to her new cause.

The medical field took her in with open arms, and she found her way to PROVE Partners, in the Medical Lien business as a Managing Director. Today, Kim leads PROVE Partners, company’s business development and relationship management programs in the Nevada market. “I was told by one of my competitors when I started in the lien business that it would take me 2 to 3 years to make it. My view, it doesn’t matter how over-saturated the market is- there’s always room for you to shine.” Kim discovered that in this market, her strong experience in marketing and relationship management would bring substantial value to providers-clients and legal partners. Building strategic partnerships and coordinating closely with health care providers to grow and improve with both business building and finance solutions, she has supported health providers in multiple specialties, including: Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Pain Management, Orthopedics, Plastic Surgeons, Dentists, Ophthalmology, Eastern Medicine, General Surgeon, Psychiatry, ENT, Neurology, as well as surgery centers and hospitals.

“I want to thank the new management team at PROVE Partners. They are all innovators and  I’ve learned so much from Rob, Ben, and Michael. Since beginning in June 2019 , I have been able to grow our share of the Las Vegas market significantly and the momentum continues to grow as PROVE Partners delivers outstanding services and innovative products to attorneys and medical providers. The company has provided training and given me all the tools to be successful,” avows Kim. Her focus is ensuring the best service, and market competitive medical lien funding services.

To be of additional value to medical clients and the legal leaders in our community, Kim provides marketing services for free to Doctors and Lawyers, but only those that truly care for their clients or patients. Kim says, “I just want to guide the community to which professionals and providers that will do right.” The community has reached out for assistance with Personal Injury, Stopping Violation, Speeding Tickets, Workman Comp, Wrongful Death, Pedestrian Accident, Immigration, Criminal, DUI, Domestic Violence, Exspunge Records, Slip and Fall, Family Law, Divorce, Business Law, Estate Planning, Sexual Harassment, Employment Discrimination, Pregnancy Discrimination, Uber Lyft, Truck Accident, etc. Contact Kim for assistance and connection with the best in the valley. Kim continues, “I will direct you to the ones, I support and believe in. I only do business with people who inspire me.”

She will never forget how far she’s come. All the times she’s pushed on when things seem impossible. All the times she took chances when others played it safe. All the times she wanted to give up but got through another day. Kim Vaughn Martin says, “I’ve gone through a lot of obstacles to get where I am today. I’ve been doubted and tested. My success is no accident. It’s hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. Keep your promises, be consistent, and be the kind of person others can trust, because consistent action creates consistent results.” KINDNESS is a noun: Loaning someone your strength instead of reminding them of their weakness.

“I would like to sincerely thank all of the Las Vegas community who has supported and nominated me. I appreciate Las Vegas’ need for my assistance with attorneys and doctors. Special thanks to the following: Nwogbe Law Group, LLC, Victor Cardoza Law Firm, Adam Muslusky Law Firm, Hale Injury Law, Marzola Injury Law, Ace Law Group, Morris Law Center, Richard Engelmann, Sagar Raich with Raich Law, Steven Parke Law Firm, Douglas Crawford Law, Prince Law Group, PROVE Partners Team, Steve Lee Mortgage Lender, Shane Nguyen Broker-Owner and the MYVEGAS Team.” – Kim Vaughn Martin

Photo Credit: Christopher Thompson

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