PROVE Culture – Thoughts from Rob

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CEO Rob Johnson
CEO Rob Johnson

“At PROVE, culture is a top priority for us. We have a set of core values that all our employees try to embody each day. We know that if we get our culture right, that our team will have pride in the relationships they build and a commitment to the business outcomes we are trying to drive.”

CEO Rob Johnson, 2019


One of our key values is Innovation. At PROVE, we strive to innovate daily. We work hard to find solutions to meet the business challenges that our partners face. Nothing innovative comes from poor quality and that’s why we take pride in what we do, always thinking about how to do it better tomorrow. 


With our brand new name, we will establish our presence amongst attorneys and providers. Our top priority is to reposition our company to be the category leader in medical liens, defining a new model for success by driving patient outcomes through strong partnerships with attorneys and physician practices.


Leveraging our success in Atlanta and Las Vegas, we are continually expanding our services and extending our offerings to new markets across the nation. And we are continually growing as a team, seeking dynamic leaders and thinkers that want to join the PROVE family.  Our culture revolves around embracing individuality because we need our people to be as diverse as our problems. 


By implementing and scaling new technology, PROVE is able to consistently provide value added solutions for our partners.


Our goal is to become a top of mind partner for attorneys and medical providers by building our reputation and voice in the legal and healthcare industries.