Your trusted partner for quick and seamless personal injury treatment management

With a comprehensive network of industry-leading physicians, reliable financing options and streamlined case management, we help you maximize patient outcomes while minimizing time, stress, resources and guesswork.

We partner with attorneys and providers to streamline quality patient care at a great value that enables the patients to maximize their personal injury settlements.

Comprehensive Provider Network

Industry-leading physicians with high health grades & personal injury experience

Reliable Financing Options

With consistent and credible financial backing, we’ve got a variety of options with quick reimbursements to ensure quality care

Streamlined Case Management

Expertise & solutions that maximize efficiency and communication, saving your team valuable time and energy

Your respected & reliable partner for your personal injury practice

We’ve built a network of the finest physicians and tech-forward solutions to save you time, effort and uncertainty, resulting in the best settlements for your clients and long-term growth for your law firm.


We’re experts in medical financing and customer service.

We believe what’s best for the patient is what’s best for everyone. With 20+ years of integrity, financially-sound lien financing, excellent customer service and tech-forward solutions, we ensure the patients and providers are taken care of in a fast, collaborative manner.

We truly value our partners, and the feeling is mutual.

“PROVE offers exceptional customer service, timely responses and helps us by helping our patients regain quality of life and to continue to THRIVE!”

Shawna C.Interventional Pain Specialists

“PROVE has surpassed our expectations! Not only do they help us take care of our clients, but their personal touch and willingness to go the extra mile helps our clients feel like they're getting top notch service at an affordable price, while allowing them the peace and dignity they need to heal.”

Raquel S.Atlanta Personal Injury Law Firm

“Working with PROVE has been a great service to my clients and their health, well-being and claims. It allows the clients to get quality medical care for their injuries which in turn allows me to maximize their claims while they recover. PROVE allows everyone a winning solution.”

Chuck R.Atlanta Personal Injury Law Firm

Comprehensive Provider Network

We believe in patient-centric care. We help get the patients evaluated and treated as quickly as possible by industry-leading physicians, who are experts in personal injury. Along the way, we offer pharmacy service, in-home health care and an innovative communication tool to keep everyone updated throughout the whole process.

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Reliable Financing Options

With a strong financial backing, we offer a variety of flexible and reliable financing options to meet each provider’s unique needs. From outsourced lien servicing to programmatic purchase programs, we have a solution for every situation. In addition, our seamless technology platform removes headaches and ensures speedy payments (reimbursements within one week of receiving invoices).

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Streamlined Case Management

With an expert team and industry-forward technology solutions, we take the legwork, paperwork and uncertainty out of the personal injury equation. We free up your team from the administrative burden while providing access to all medical records and keeping attorneys, providers and the victims completely updated throughout the medical treatment.

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