Streamlined Case Management

Maximize Efficiencies. Minimize Resources.

Between all the paperwork and doctors appointments, the victim is often left with more questions than answers. Your staff now has a centralized place to manage all of your client updates and communication. Whether messaging through the app or sending text messages, our software gives your firm one place to update all of your clients with a single click.

We allow clients to receive case updates and messages from your firm via text, mobile app or through the web. When clients have access to case information through our client portal, firms spend less time with unnecessary communication and unhappy clients.

Solutions that drive your business

Key Features


  • Innovative software provides real-time, 2-way communication between your firm and your client with one click via mobile app, text or web 
  • Create an accessible record of past communication 
  • Reduction of “expensive” inbound phone calls from clients with modernized communication ­– proven to reduce inbound phone calls up to 80%
  • Lessen your team’s workload so she/he can focus on tasks that help drive your business


  • Vet and process your injury cases to help you avoid delays and valuable time spent processing lien paperwork in-house
  • Collaborative approach with attorneys to ensure best outcome
  • Lessen your case manager’s workload so they can focus on tasks that help drive your business

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