Our Calling

Changing the way personal injury financing works, for the better.

Welcome to PROVE – where attorneys and providers are treated like true partners, benefiting from the products and services we offer, tailored to their needs. With more than 20 years in the medical lien industry, we’ve set the standard for customer service, resulting in tens of thousands of positive settlements and outcomes. We continue to transform the personal injury industry by creating financing and servicing solutions that streamline the process and meet your unique needs. With a focus on transparency, collaboration and technology, we’ve got you and the patient covered throughout the process.

Our Formula

Our Successful Formula isn't a Secret

  • We’re always listening to you, using your input to guide our solutions.
  • We have reliable financing options to service whatever your case needs to ensure the best treatment and case settlement.
  • We have a comprehensive network of industry-leading physicians, covering all specialties that are well-versed in personal injury.
  • We have streamlined case management to increase communication, efficiency and the overall experience for the patients.
Our Culture

Collaboration is in Our DNA

    There are a few common traits at PROVE.

  • We’re passionate.
  • We’re forward-thinking.
  • We’re collaborative.
  • We’re obsessed with innovation.
  • We listen more than we speak.
  • We rely on our expertise and strategic partners to pave the future.
  • Ultimately, we value relationships, communication and our partners’ trust to make the industry better and your jobs easier.

Cases Settled

Patients Served

Collaborative Partners

Never one to settle, our forward-thinking all-star team has partnered with some of the brightest minds in the industry to define what’s next.

After much analysis and collaboration, we’ve recently enhanced PROVE’s offerings to address the industry’s pain points. We’re passionate about transforming the landscape, eliminating uncertainty, stress and time-consuming, tedious tasks that impede the process.

Now, more than ever, we’re focused on patient-centric care. We’ve added data-enabled technology to help you obtain greater settlements, happier clients and more referrals. We want to help you maximize patient outcomes, settlements and growth while minimizing your resources.

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