Improve Your Cash Position

During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Improve Your Cash Position

During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Are you facing a financial slowdown in your practice?

Are you an Imaging Center, Physical Therapy provider or Surgery Center in need of capital?

These are unprecedented times.

  1. We are witnessing the shutdown on non-emergency medical procedures.

  2. We are seeing medical offices close for indefinite time periods.

So what does this mean for personal injury cases?

And how can you ensure that this slowdown does not negatively impact your business?

Create cash flow for your business immediately.

2 programs available today:


You can sell your P.I. Account Receivables to get cash back in your door.


We work with you to design a loan program to meet your specific needs.

We know there are and will be cash struggles across medical providers.
If you are a medical practice that has Personal Injury receivables on your books that have not yet been sold or financed, those liens can be treated as assets to the business.  PROVE can help you monetize those assets.
So where do you start?  PROVE can be your trusted financial partner during this challenging time.  Call us for a consultative conversation.  We can help you understand how to best utilize these lien assets and address your need for liquidity and/or cash flow during this time.
These assets can be a source of cash for you.

“Working with PROVE on a bulk lien purchase of our practice's medical portfolio has helped inject cash into my business at a time of need, while capturing the higher rate paid by lien based patients.”

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