We help those who help others

We are medical financing solutions experts who help plaintiffs receive the quality medical care they need in the shortest amount of time possible. In the process, we deliver streamlined solutions that minimize stress, uncertainty and your admin’s workload while giving you the opportunity for growth and peace of mind.

Case Vetting and Rapid Authorizations

  • Pre-authorizations within 24-48 hours
  • Vet and process your injury cases to help you avoid headaches and wasted time processing lien paperwork in-house
  • Minimize wasted time and effort handling meritless claims with a low likelihood of reimbursement 
  • Prevent building an internal underwriting team
  • Eliminate the admin headaches of processing lien paperwork in-house (chasing patients down, corresponding with attorneys, filing liens with the county, hiring legal counsel to draft documents, etc.)

Continuous Case Servicing, Reporting and Settlement

  • Team of PROVE experts negotiate on your behalf
  • Collaborative approach with attorneys to ensure best outcome
  • Scalable way to track liens, which is essential for liens that take years to resolve

“PROVE has been a long-term strategic partner of ours. They have always been a great liaison with medical providers and have consistently made the surgical funding aspect of our operations easy and effortless.”

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