Medical Funding

First-Hand Experience Leads to Trusted Medical Financing Solutions

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A Doctor with Patient

PROVE Partners knows the medical finance industry and understands the difficult situations that so many people who are injured face due to the lengthy legal processes associated with many injury cases.  

When nobody wants to cover medical bills

MedCare Solutions, now PROVE, was created when our founder saw the medical struggles first-hand. Treatments and therapies that were necessary to keep patients comfortable or provide them with a decent quality of life were delayed until a settlement could be reached between the patient and the party at fault. Nobody involved wanted to cover the bills associated with treatment until the case was closed, which created, and often still does, hardship for patients involved in legal proceedings. Even insurance companies that represented their clients who had been injured in automobile accidents would routinely refuse to cover the bills associated with treatments until the case was finalized in court—the gap between medical treatments and when payments were made was the norm. Medical providers were expected to provide the services immediately and hope to be compensated for their services in the future.  

PROVE Partners was born

We recognized the frustration and the need for a solution, so we created financing and servicing solutions that streamline the personal injury process. We knew there was an asset available to medical facilities that were not traditionally considered by loan providers — the medical accounts receivable that are on the books but remain uncollected. The solution lay in the creation of an entity that would specialize in purchasing accounts receivables and streamlining medical case management. Thus, PROVE was born.

Dedication to the process

We quickly realized that professional relationships between parties could sour easily. Merely providing lien-based solutions was not enough for medical facilities to be able to consider this as a method for growing their practice, and not enough for the attorneys to be comfortable in knowing the case would not be slowed or compromised by the treatment provider. These transactions must be handled delicately and with utmost attention to detail, as even the smallest missed detail can potentially create problems. Therefore we partnered with a case management software designed to track each phase of the process and remind the associated parties of required elements to be completed, reducing potential issues throughout the case. This dedication to the process allows the medical providers and attorneys to rest assured that the case is being handled appropriately and with the necessary professionalism.

Bridging the gap between medical providers and attorneys

PROVE offers medical providers guaranteed payments within a short timeframe and helps facilitate relationships between the parties involved. Attorneys specialized in the representation of injured workers or personal injury situations now have a short-list of medical facilities that can provide treatments necessary to their clients before their cases settled. The medical providers understand that through this type of business relationship, they can now have access to a larger pool of patients who were once considered too risky to treat for the potential of non-payment.  By bringing parties together into an ongoing, structured, managed relationship, we bridge the gap that exists between medical providers and attorneys.