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How Physician Financing Benefits Your Personal Injury Clients

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As a personal injury attorney, you face many challenges when it comes to obtaining a favorable settlement for your clients who are involved in situations where medical attention is necessary. Many times these clients are in desperate need of crucial, prompt treatments and surgeries that will provide them with a better quality of life. 

The big question: who pays for medical bills before the settlement?

Most personal injury cases will figure the settlement amounts by using the medical bills total as a portion of the whole. Having to wait for medical procedures to be performed is often not in the best interest of the client or the case, which leads to the question “who is going to pay these high bills until the final settlement comes?” Legal firms like yours often do not have the cash reserves or the risk tolerance to front these costs while also funding the work necessary to win the case. Luckily, you have an option.

A financing option with your clients in mind

PROVE specializes in physician financing for personal injury attorneys, providing payments directly to doctors and other medical providers as payment for their services performed for your clients. There is no need for you to attempt to “talk the doctor into accepting payment after settlement.” We provide the payments directly to the doctor at the time your client is treated. This arrangement:

  1. Removes your firm’s risk of being “left holding the bag” if the case does not settle in your client’s favor.
  2. Allows all medical providers to do their jobs without worrying about being compensated for their services.
  3. Enables your clients to receive treatments when they are necessary, instead of waiting until you can close the case.

The other benefit of using PROVE for your physician financing is that we are one of the most experienced firms in the country at arrangements like these. A special kind of care needs to be taken by everyone involved to assure that there are no hindrances that could compromise the case. When you require additional parties in your case, each one of them can fail to cover some minute detail, causing the case to be delayed or potentially lost. You no longer need to worry about those kinds of arrangements when dealing with PROVE. Our team of experts is involved in the process as necessary to move towards a favorable outcome. We are indeed an “arm’s length” financing firm, but we can guide the process as needed. Contact us today to find out the medical financing options available to you.

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