Why Is A Comprehensive Provider Network Important?

By November 11, 2019 April 3rd, 2020 No Comments

When your client is injured, a comprehensive provider network is key to getting them the help they need, fast. Having numerous, qualified doctors at your fingertips gives your client the power to choose what’s right for them and their family. We’ve ensured that our provider list is as diverse as your clients are and can accommodate them based on their specific circumstances. 

So What Is A Provider Network?

It is a group of doctors, health care providers, and hospitals that administer health care to its members, people just like you and your clients. These providers all have the experience & capability to handle personal injury cases. The provider network is important for a number of reasons. First, our provider network includes physicians and companies that specifically treat patients who have recently suffered from a motor vehicle accident or other personal injury.   Second, our hand selected providers must meet a certain standard of high quality medical treatment and care. Lastly, our PROVE certified medical network is setup to treat patients on a medical lien basis, making it easier than ever to get your clients the health-care they need, quickly. We take the guesswork out of identifying quality local providers that are experienced in treating personal injury patients. 

Comprehensive Network

Due to the critical nature of most injuries, provider network lists must be held to the highest standards of accuracy, ensuring patients have all of the appropriate information the second they need it to make crucial decisions about their health. That’s why we at PROVE Partners take our Provider Network seriously. Our priority is to help your clients get access to reputable local doctors that are experienced in treating personal injury patients. From initial consults, to imaging, pain management, and surgery, we have your client covered across all local markets. PROVE’s curated network of convenient, quality healthcare providers offers patients a choice in affordable healthcare across the continuum of care. We work with providers that are focused on maximizing patient outcomes, with a proven track record of positive outcomes. PROVE is your partner for getting the best medical results at the best costs.

The PROVE Partner Difference

PROVE Partners is backed by reliable capital solutions and a technology platform that allows you to stay connected with clients and build better cases. Our strict adherence to best billing practices and treatment protocol is unmatched in the industry. We strive to operate with integrity at all costs. White label our PROVE Provider Network list with your firm’s brand and never worry about wasting time identifying credible medical providers and scheduling appointments again.