Medical Receivables

Financing Solutions For Your Growing Medical Practice

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Like most healthcare providers, you encounter many hurdles in your practice, including fee reductions, slow reimbursements, regulatory matters, and caring for an ever-increasing number of patients – to name a few. Overcoming these challenges depends upon consistent cash flow and having sufficient capital to grow and stay competitive, which is why PROVE offers a variety of financing options that work for you.

Cash flow at no risk with a Single Event Lien

A Single Event Lien is not a loan and is referred to as ‘off-balance sheet’ financing. In medical factoring, money is advanced to you based upon the net realizable value of your accounts receivable. You get fast reimbursement, certainty of payment, and attractive reimbursement rates. The best part about selling your receivables to PROVE is that there is no risk to you even if the acquired bills are not paid.

Ready to use Working Capital Advances 

Our Working Capital Advances program is a proven alternative financing solution that helps you meet today’s challenges with greater flexibility. It is cash flow, working capital, and an acquisition financing solution with virtually unlimited capital for your needs.

Working Capital Advances eliminate the cash flow gap between service performed and reimbursements from third-party payers, such as insurance and government agencies. It provides you with working capital without adding debt to your balance sheet. You get access to unlimited and continuous working capital as your third-party medical accounts receivables (A/R) increases. This cash flow solution eliminates having to wait months for third-party reimbursements from government agencies, private and commercial insurance companies. The Working Capital Advances process allow you to pledge your third-party A/R as collateral for ready to use cash flow.

PROVE specializes in medical lien funding for growing practices that do not have access to traditional financing sources. With us, you gain a financial partner who understands your needs and is vested in your success.